President's Message

About 8 years ago, I was encouraged by my husband, who was the President of the Chapter at the time, to get involved with PMI. Actually, I think he had ulterior motives as he really recruited me to volunteer to help with organizing and providing board support! I soon found myself right in the middle of the perfect place to learn valuable skills about project management, make connections, seek advice and meet experts in the industry.

I have learned so much in my interactions with you, our members, our volunteers and our PMI Global and Regional partners.  We have been on a journey to ensure that our Chapter is the innovative leader in Central Illinois for advancing project management, making individuals and organizations even more successful.

Here is a snapshot on what we have accomplished this past year:

  • Membership is Magic” Kick-off: We held our annual member appreciation dinner in January, giving the year a great start as we focused on the “magical” roles we all play as project professionals and how PMI-CIC helps support you in these roles.

  • Technical Advances: Introduction of a scanned badging system for PMI-CIC event PDU tracking. Thanks to Matt Jaeger, Zack Stelly and their team for developing and implementing this technology, which was presented and shared as new innovation at the National Leadership Conference in Chicago! Also, have you checked out our new website design?

  • Education: Under Amy Delcomyn’s leadership, a committee has been hard at work reviewing the upcoming changes to the PMBOK and making adjustments to our PMP prep curriculum to ensure that you are given all of the most current tools necessary to obtain your PMP designation.

  • Peoria Chiefs Game: We brought back the tradition of closing out the summer by hosting a chapter meeting, followed by delicious ball park food at “The Dug Out” and a game, at Dozier Park.

  • Outreach: Hari Pallem and his team focused on continued engagement with College students across Central Illinois, including remote tie-ins to chapter meetings, providing classroom speakers and funding two scholarships to deserving students interested in pursuing project management. The chapter also sponsored a summer youth baseball team. GO “Nationals”!

    I now understand what former President Barak Obama meant when he said “I learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved, and they get engaged and they come together to demand it.” The positive changes that we recently experienced in our Chapter are not the accomplishment of just one person.  They required a bold vision to get everyone engaged.  And they required a great deal of dedication, sacrifices and courage.

    My presidency at PMI-CIC would have been unmanageable without a group of 8 board members who demanded that we do things differently and better. I would like to give special recognition to Sarah Kuntzi and Hari Pallem, who are rolling off the board this year and who both did an incredible job in innovating and improving their office as VP of Administration and VP of Outreach respectively. It would have been very challenging without the working hands of over 100 volunteers who supported the vision. It would have been impossible without you, the members who provided constant support and feedback. Please continue to remain engaged.

    Looking forward to the future – 2018 will be another memorable year. Our chapter will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, and the celebration will be kicked off in January by a PMI Global Board member at our member appreciation dinner! We also have our 2 day conference with the exciting theme “REVolution”. As a chapter, we have certainly seen an evolution of the project management practices over our 20 years, and this conference will help practitioners further hone and develop their skills as we see more Agile practices entering the traditional waterfall project space. Mark your calendars and hold the dates – plan to attend at The Marriott in Normal from May 16-17th!

    While my term as President is ending on December 31st, I am very confident in transitioning this honourable role to Matt Jaeger who will lead the Chapter beginning January 1st. Matt and the incoming Board recently had their Strategic Planning session, and I am very excited about the plans that they have for 2018 and beyond. Most of you are aware that Nathan and I recently relocated to Dallas. If ya’ll are ever down in the Lone Star State, be sure to look me up!

    Wishing you all the best in your continued professional development and project management careers!

Julie Price                                                                                                                              

PMI-CIC Chapter President

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